A toothifying experience

I was officially 50% less wise a week ago. So taking into account how blonde I oredi was, now it’s even worse okay. So if I can’t comprehend you, take heart that it’s not communication skills that you are lacking.

Previous X-rays had shown that all my wisdom teeth were impacted. So imagine my joy when one of these elusive teeth cut through the gum to say hi. I figured that perhaps growing plus size after 2 kids made my jaws expanded too (evidence of being blonde again). So I waited patiently for it to grow nicely.

Then came the night before the eve of CNY. The area around the tooth was swollen and it hurt to brush / chew / whatever but I figured that it was due to the tooth erupting from the gum. And an eruption it was because by the first day of CNY, I already couldn’t eat properly and I needed the first of many paracetamol (in days to come) just to get through the day. I hardly take paracetamol even though it’s safe during breastfeeding because I didn’t want to risk affecting Lè meimei.

Plenty of CNY goodies were still hanging around because I couldn’t eat them

Why the extraction? I wanted to keep the tooth initially because

  • It was already growing out above the surface of the gum.
  • It’s gonna hurt like hell during extraction and the aftermath.
  • I don’t like the dentist.
  • I am freaking scared of sitting on the dentist’s chair.
  • It’s not a good time (COVID-19) to go to a clinic of any kind because no one wears a mask at the dentist (okay turns out everyone including the recept wore one).

However, the pain soon got excruciating. To the point that even a bristle of my toothbrush could trigger a head-jaw-cheek numbing pain whenever I brushed. It remained a barely tolerant throbbing irritation at other times. I gargled with onguard and listerine, applied Bonjela and even sucked on Lè Meimei’s teething medicine (was really desperate at this point) but to no avail. By the time I finished an entire tab of paracetamol, I came to the conclusion that it had to go.

I chose a Q&M clinic despite it being poorly reviewed by everyone I asked simply because I know there’s not gonna be a huge crowd. But even then, I had to wait to get an available slot at an awkward timing. If you have a choice, perhaps you should think twice before putting yourself in that spot.

Please remember to request for your bill before payment and be sure to read through every item. I was billed for x-ray even though I didn’t do one that day. I had one done on a previous visit and my guess was that no one checked the image was current and still relevant. I only realized this after I got home. The clinic had since agreed to refund me the extra $80 but it would take 6 to 8 weeks for them to process and issue a cheque.

Take care of your teeth people. They are real gems and therefore a b*tch to remove.

Our 9s Seafood experience

School started this week. I no longer have the luxury to go to NTUC every day to get our fresh supplies. It’s alright to stock up on frozen meat during the weekends but I prefer to get the kids fresh fish for their meals.

I decided to try out 9s Seafood after raving reviews from my mummy friends. 9s certainly did not disappoint. Firstly, their website is easy to maneuver with all the necessary information you need about that particular fish. Even for a simple salmon, you have a variety of choices to determine how the fish will appear in front of you. You can have it as a steak, fillet (sliced or not), etc.

I hardly (almost never) buy an entire fish because it kinda gross me out and I seriously do not know how to get the organs out (nor want to) and descaling it is way too much work. At 9s, I indicated the size of pomfret I want, told them I want it for steamboat and guess what?!? The fish is nicely sliced with the head in a bag, the bones in another and the flesh on its own! Did I mention that everything is vacuum sealed for freshness?

Though slightly more expensive than the wet markets, I much rather shop for my fish online out of convenience (kids and slippery floor in wet markets usually don’t end well).

9s Seafood offers free delivery for orders over $60. This is a reasonable amount for small families like us. We don’t have to amass a huge order just to make the free delivery (like Song Fish).

One final reason for choosing this company is that you can receive your order the very next day as long as you order before 9.30pm! How fresh is that?! They literally choose your seafood for you while you sleep and deliver them to your doorstep just in time for you to cook dinner. And if you are very very lucky, they might even throw in an additional item foc. I wasn’t but 2 of my mummy friends had free squids. Sad… But there’s always next time.

My parents used to be staunch believers of wet markets. They are now converts after surfing the website. Today, they are the proud owners of 2 entire pomfret. Me? I still like mine sliced. Neat and mess free.

Here’s my $72.20 loot! Pomfret (800g), gong gong (500g), lala (500g), grey prawns (500g), scallops (500g), salmon belly (not in photo) and a Muar otah!

I really like their delivery crew too. He even went out of his way to check if my parents (who were at my place) needed a lift back to theirs cuz he was delivering their loot there. Where got such a nice uncle one?!

Eat, fight, cry, play, repeat

Today was Ez’s Centre closure day. I planned to take the kids to watch Frozen 2 because we wanted to do so in Beijing but it was too expensive (each ticket was 80rmb). A couple of days ago, I came up with this fantabulous idea of bringing them to Dreamers @ Jewel for the movie and thankfully managed to get what the hub and I usually deem as good seats (last row, unobstructed view).

Then today came. We took the bus to the airport. Like 2 stops later, the kids started bickering. Lè meimei did not like Ez’s legs near hers. Ez was complaining that he wasn’t anywhere near her. So she started crying. In she went into the baby carrier but of course the leg space issue continued. Tsk Tsk. Luckily, she managed a short nap before we alighted.

Though we left house like 2h before the movie, we managed to dilly dally till we had to rush to get our popcorn. There’s a current promotion for a free 32oz popcorn if you are a Changi reward member (login to the app and get the coupon). 500 pax per calendar month. We managed to get that even though it’s almost mid month. The girl at the cashier was awesome. She saw the kids and asked if I want to split the popcorn into 2 cups. We did and I’m sure we averted a meltdown in the cinema because they didn’t need to fight over who would hold the tub.

Dreamers was a very good idea because of the designated play area. This marked my maiden experience of watching a movie while sitting on a step. I wondered if I can convince Shaw to let me pay half price in future. We don’t need a seat. Lè meimei spent the entire movie going up and down the slide while Ez spent half the time telling me that the show was so sad. I think her bum bum must hurt a lot.

Lunch was a stressful event because they were over stimulated, tired and hungry. The funniest thing was that Lè meimei refused to go into Tula while Ez wanted to be carried. So I was attracting quite a bit of attention while walking around.

Thanks to technology, I managed to locate the free play area on Level 2 and the kids spent almost an hour going up and down the slide again on repeat till the hub came to rescue us. Thanks to blog posts by fellow mummies, we could now access information quickly. Last time, my mum seldom ventured far because she’s bad with directions. If only they had smartphones then, we might have had more fun exploring Singapore.

Dinner was a homely affair at my parents’ place. It’s been a long time since we went back there for dinner. A sumptuous meal awaited us. No matter how old we are, no matter how long you have been away, home is always where the heart lies.

PS: This post is almost devoid of photos because I managed to max out my 3gb space on WordPress.

Crossing the line

Workplace romance is a common sight. Afterall, you devote most of your waking hours to work. You see the same old people everyday. It’s really hard not to know their likes, dislikes, food preferences and even details of their personal lives with the daily interactions.

I met the hub at work too. So many years ago that I have lost count. It’s definitely so much easier to date someone who has the same schedule. Plus you know that cliché 日久生情. 🙄

Then there’s also the more scandalous relationships where one or more party are married. I heard stories of couples beating the odds of time constraints to have trysts during daylight hours just so their partner wouldn’t notice their absences. The hub often shares the 暧昧 stuff his colleagues did. I have also heard stories about stuff happening at my workplace too. People see. People talk. Even when you thought you had undertaken all measures to be discreet.

Do you believe in platonic relationships? I do. But are there boundaries one shouldn’t cross? Definitely. What are some of these boundaries? When is it considered too much? What will you share with your colleagues whom you call a friend? How far will you go out of your way to be nice to them? Just how far will you go for these people?

What prompted these people who may already be in a relationship or marriage to cross the line? Have they considered the things that they may lose? Reputation? Family? Career? Is it worth losing it all? What was the trigger? That pumping adrenalin knowing you had tasted the forbidden fruit, the thrills of successfully hiding the affair from your spouse(s) or just simply cuz they feel that they have got nothing to lose/that they can beat the odds? #yolo Could it be that their better half was too blissful to disregard all the signs?

They say that love is blind. I doubt so. One went into a relationship with their eyes wide open. So choose your partner wisely. Indiscretions destroy the sanctimonious nature of marriage. You wouldn’t want to be part of this unfortunate statistic right? 🤷🏻‍♀️

What do you think? Any scandalous stories to share?

Subiaco Farmer’s market

We started Saturday at Subiaco Farmer’s market which was a 5 minutes’ walk from our AirBnB apartment. The stalls are set up on the grounds of the Subiaco Primary School and rotated on alternate weeks. While you can expect to pay an arm and leg for the stuff here (okay, granted our pasar malam also not cheap) the food stuff is surprisingly good.

There are stalls that sell plants, fresh produce like fruit and veggies (expect a snaking queue and lots of local patronized this store), pickled onions, macadamia nuts, soup and plenty of hot food.

Saw this and messaged my favourite person in school who happened to be molesting some animals in Gold Coast

Little boys on the field while there’s also a ballet class nearby

We love the beef sausage too

Ez had not been eating well at this point of the trip and so when he saw people eating ‘prata’ (a wrap with egg benedict and stuff) and wanted it, we bought it for him. A plain one with cheese cost $9aud while that of bacon, eggs and whatsnot cost $13aud. But what the boy wants, whatever the boy gets. If he only wanted to eat plain prata, plain prata it was. Then he wanted mushroom soup and it’s really good so no regrets paying $20aud for 2 small jars.

Spanish Tortilla

There’s also a petting pen for the kids to get into close contact with the farm animals. But you have to pay to get in. I think it’s $6aud per kid but I can’t be sure. There’s a few hungry sheep, ducks, chicken and rabbits.

Do check this out if you happen to be in the area. All in all, Subiaco is not a bad area to stay in as there’s Woolsworth, Coles, Target, lots of restaurants and also this Farmer’s market that’s open every Saturday so you should definitely keep this area in mind.

Fire Safety Education Centre and Museum

We spent a couple of hours at this ex fire station turned museum. One can expect to see the mundane stuff we see in a fire station in Singapore. There’s a display of the fire trucks, new and old, the gears such as the water hoses and their parts, helmets and fire fighting jackets. There’s also a rack of ‘uniforms’ the kids can put on and lots of helmets for the little ones. While most of the fire engines are “do not touch”, they do have one specially for the little ones to climb up. The experience comes complete with buttons to press and switches to flip.

Then that’s where the similarities ended. While the ones we can visit every Saturday in Singapore are fully operational, this is not. I am quite impressed with the exhibition on level 2. By the way, this museum is wheel chair accessible as there’s a lift. There’s also toilets and a diaper changing table.

While we are fortunate enough not to have to worry about bush fires, tornadoes, hurricanes and even earthquakes, this also translates to being inadequately prepared for the elements when we are on holidays overseas. The exhibits are big on information and yet not boring. The hub stayed with the kids while I had a quick walk around. Words and kids don’t go too well.

But fear not, there’s a kids corner to keep them occupied. There’s lots of colouring pages of assorted fire-fighting related theme, colouring materials, puzzles and even toy fire trucks to keep the little ones entertained.

This museum is only opened on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays from 10am to 3pm.

Here’s the address.

Fire Safety Education Centre and Museum (Central Fire Station)

25 Murray St,

Perth WA 6000,


What we missed in Margaret River

Due to time constraint and also partly cuz we couldn’t be bothered, we left 3 interesting activities unexplored. You would have realized that we skipped the cave explorations, the Tuart forest and also the lighthouses.

Prior to the trip, these were on my agenda. However, 4D3N in Margaret River ain’t enough and we decided to cut the caves off because we didn’t like stairs and there’s lots of steps through the caves. The thought of babywearing the kids while struggling with stairs ain’t too appealing. Plus caves are echo-y and Ez is going through this shouting phase where he deliberately make weird noises just to hear echoes. Stopping him is beyond my control. So for everyone’s sanity, we sacrifice.

There’s 4 different caves to explore and 2 lighthouses.

Ngilgi Cave: pronounced as neelgee. There’s a semi-guided tour that takes about an hour and then you get to roam on your own. You will learn more about the Australian Aboriginal mythology from the visit. (Sounds like something the kids can’t appreciate. Yet.)

Mammoth cave: A limestone cave that’s within the Leeuwin Naturaliste National Park featuring fossils of extinct animals (jawbones of marsupial species!). Initial tours were conducted by lamplights until 1904! Can’t imagine the tourists then being able to see much. Wheelchair accessible for part of the tour. Free for children under 4 years old.

Lake cave: This is my favourite and I really wanted to have a look. What deterred us?! The 325 steps each way! Goodness! I don’t think I’m fit enough to do this anymore. Expect to see a breathtaking lake that reflects the formations, a suspended table that weights tonnes and also stalactites as one descend through a sunken Karri forest. Nice. Not suitable for young kids as you are supposed to be quiet in order to listen to the dripping sound. Try telling the kids this.

Jewel Cave: The largest show cave in Western Australia with a depth of 42m. This cave contains one of the longest straw stalactites at 5.43m. Not much of a geography student so the formation of this cave eludes me. Sand cemented together to form limestone by the action of rainwater. Interesting. One is also expected to stick to the group the entire duration. But again, I doubt Ez and Lè meimei are interested in listening about sand and rainwater.

Two iconic lighthouses marked the start and finish of the cape to cape track in Margaret River.

Cape Leeuwin Lighthouse is situated at the most south-westerly tip of Australia where the Indian Ocean meets their Southern counterpart. One must climb up 176 narrow and winding steps to get a view of the seascape. However, children under 4 years old are not permitted on the tour.

Cape Naturaliste Lighthouse is thus more suitable for families with little kids like ours because there’s only 59 steps to the top. There’s also a new observation platform where you can enjoy the coastal landscape.

Tuart Forest National Park has the last remaining Tuart forest in the world. These trees only grow on coastal limestone. I would love to check this out but somehow I doubt Ez and Lè meimei would be impressed by them. Coupled with the bad weather and the lack of time, we gave this amazing piece of nature a miss too.

So many places to go, so little time. Perhaps the reason why it’s cool to bring little children overseas is just so that we can have an excuse to double back just so we get to complete what we missed. Looks like we are coming back to Margaret River again. Maybe not in the near future but WE WILL BE BACK!