Book Review: I don’t want Meimei anymore

We found an interesting book by a local author at the library. The title is not only eye-catching but also very appropriate at this point in our lives. The siblings are now at a stage where they fight for toys and at times, they even whack each other when things get trickier. This gem was even shortlisted for a book prize.

Author: Lynn Lee

Illustrator: Phua San San

One may find the story a little too lengthy for 2.5 year olds with some difficult vocabulary but I feel that that’s how you can impress your kids with your bombastic repertoire of words.

Here’s a few of my favourite pages.

Most of the time, the elder one gets neglected by visitors. They act out just so someone can notice them. Some of their worst tantrums might just be cries for attention. Afterall, they never did ask for another human in their lives. I’m sure everyone was perfectly happy to be the only child, the centre of attraction.

I love the illustrations! Pardon the hands. Ez insisted on holding the page for me.

So was this a dream or did it really happened? Ez thought that it did cuz of the feather from the stork. What do you think?

We love this book and hope you do too.

Lè meimei even has the same hairstyle. So how can Ez not relate to this story! Haha.

Till next time!

Battling stomach flu

The siblings decided that flu and cough are too mundane and decided to up their game last Saturday (27 April). That morning, we were supposed to go to Pulau Ubin with Ez’s school but the learning journey was shelved as it was raining heavily. Thank god for that because shortly after 8am, Ez puked out his milk. We thought he drank too much too fast. But after we changed him, he puked again. And again and again. It was apparent that something was terribly wrong with him. So while the hub got Lè meimei ready for swim class, I brought Ez to his least favourite place at Elias Mall (Dr Sim’s).

Because he refused to walk, he stayed in his brand new Soul carrier and he branded it by puking all over me, himself and the floor of the clinic. I was smart enough to bring an extra set of clothing for him but not for myself. Managed to change him with him clinging onto me like a koala to a tree. I folded his soiled shirt and used it to drape over my stinky top. This is a new low for me. The only consolation was that he was #13 in queue and Dr Sim was already at #9. But before it was our turn, Ez proceeded to puke twice more. I had the foresight to get plastic bags from the receptionist and thus saved myself from further distress.

Ez was diagnosed with stomach flu. Gastroenteritis aka stomach flu is an intestinal infection marked by symptoms such as nausea, vomiting, watery stools and abdominal cramps. Ez checked the vomiting and abdominal cramps boxes. Because he couldn’t hold liquid down, he was given the suppository in the arse. Dr Sim charges $5 for this ‘service’. He said he had done this at least ten thousand times. So one can do the Math here to see how much he had earned thus far just sticking a bullet up the ass. According to the expert, the best way to shove it in is to get the kid to lie on his/her side, knees tucked in. Don’t forget to lubricate too.

The suppository actually didn’t work too well for Ez. He was still puking for the rest of the day. That day, he could only sip diluted ribena. But even then it all came back out. It was so sad to see him hugging his bowl of dinner as he was hungry and yet be unable to swallow a bite. Then I remembered we had purée pouches. He actually managed to hold a few mouthfuls down before bedtime. By bedtime, he was also running a fever.

I puke because I am not be careful. I drink water then I not sick. Okay Mummy.

I broke down that night. The hub had to hug a sobbing wife who was quite inconsolable. Throughout the day, we tried our best to separate the two of them. But these two couldn’t stay away from each other. In fact, Lè meimei was literally banging on the door at bedtime because she wanna sleep with us. So it’s hardly surprising when Lè meimei caught the bugs the next day.

What was so difficult to see was that Lè meimei got it worse. Even though Ez couldn’t keep the liquid down, at least we knew he had something inside. Lè meimei, on the other hand, puke out every mouthful of water and even more. As Ez was older, we could catch his puke in a bowl cuz he could tell us he needed a bowl. Lè meimei? She would push the bowl away when puking halfway. It also didn’t help that she would turn her head away when puking mid way. As a result, we had to mop the floor at least 10 times that day. She also had diarrhoea and took way longer to recover. The most frustrating thing about stomach flu is that feeling of helplessness as you watch your kids throw up everything and yet continue to try to drink / eat because they are so thirsty and hungry.

Initially, we thought that Ez caught the bugs after dinner at Oasis Terraces (we went there to collect our Soul carrier). It was only when Ez was well enough to go back to school did we realize that many his classmates were on MC. Two of them were sent back that day with the exact symptoms as Ez. The toddler class next to his as well as the second playgroup class were affected too where only 8 out of 20 students from that class made it to school. I asked the management about it but they said it wasn’t cuz of contaminated food as the other levels were unaffected. But they did mention that a girl in Ez’s class vomitted on Friday afternoon and was thus probably patient zero.

Tips on surviving the non-stop merlion performance:

  • Bring extra set of clothings (parent + child) to the doctor. Plastic bags will come in handy too.
  • Offer small sips of water (preferably Glucolin or even Ribena) frequently to prevent the risk of dehydration.

  • Purée pouches make great meal replacement for the upset tummies. Try to offer those that do not contain milk. So smoothies are out.
  • Apply Digestzen on their little tummies and chests hourly.
  • The adults should also spam probiotics at this point because you will surely catch the bugs too. My colleague gave me a couple of sachets of Lactomin. It works pretty well as my churning tummy calmed down after that first dose.

Stomach flu is no joke.

Let’s hope this is our last encounter with these nasty bugs.

Review: Soul Singapore

In my previous post, I blogged about braving the baby fair to get Ez a toddler carrier for our Ubin excursion over the weekends. When we made our purchase, they promised us free delivery of the carrier by Wednesday. And so we waited. Until Thursday came and went. I googled the contact for Soul Singapore and dropped them a WhatsApp message to enquire.

Their response was prompt and after getting my name and email, I was told that they had missed my order and would follow up on the delivery. The hub and I decided that we rather self collect at their shop in Oasis Terrace as we needed the carrier for the weekend and they made it possible by setting it aside.

Though we were initially kinda pissed off over this, what we really liked about Soul was that they never once blame it on others for failing to deliver their goods. They didn’t have to admit that they missed out my order. They didn’t have to agree to set aside the carrier for me. They even got me fitted and helped me make adjustments to the straps! They also didn’t have to get someone from the head office to follow up with me about 30min after I collected the carrier. This was excellent service recovery. Thank you for being candid in sharing how our order was screwed up. We really appreciated the extra mile in service.

And because of this incident, we had the chance to check out their shop front! It’s located opposite My Gym. Though it’s not my first visit to the mall, read about my very happening maiden visit to OT here, but it’s the first time we checked it out.

Can’t decide which carrier? Find out more by talking to the friendly babywearing educator.

Add-on pouches

Check out some of the other items they had to offer too.

Drool pads


Sun hats

Here’s the price list. Very reasonable!

The Aseema is an award winning carrier! Didn’t know that! Should have gotten the Aseema instead of the toddler. Lè meimei and Ez could have shared.

This girl loved the carriers so much. I’m quite sure she wanted one too. We gave it a try cuz this rainbow one was so eye-catching. Then she didn’t wanna get down. 🤦🏻‍♀️ Okay okay! Next baby fair okay. Now no discount lah.

Glad we managed to have a positive experience with Soul Singapore in the end. Do remember to check in with them should you fail to receive your carrier after the agreed upon period.

Till next time.

Queue Nation

Singaporeans love to queue. Be it for entry to the biggest baby fair or for the free goodie bags for new mums-to-be at the Expo, to view the “Gardens by the bay @ Airport (as termed by Ez), to eat fast food in Jewel, to brave the extreme weather (super hot then super wet) to visit the underwhelming Shilin-inspired Taiwan street market @Kranji or even to catch Pokémon in Sentosa… We just love to stand behind a string of people, regardless of the scorching hot sun, sudden downpours, super congested carparks and never empty elevators.

Yesterday, we went to the baby fair by Mummy’s Market. I told the hub that we must get there early to avoid the crowd. Our plan was to get in quickly, collect the stuff we preordered, get the ones we needed then evacuate to East Point for lunch.Unfortunately, everyone else had the same intention. The road leading to Expo was jam-packed, there was a snaking car queue 2 traffic lights from Changi City Point and even the UE Biz Park which was slightly further had no lots.

By the time we finally got to Hall 5, it was already people mountain people sea. We went straight to Soul Singapore at L19 to try out the baby carriers. Ez had long since outgrown the standard Tula yet he insisted on being tula-ed whenever I tried to babywear Lè meimei. Upon consultation with Kaihui, a certified babywearing educator, she recommended that we try out Soul and so we did. We tried the Aseema and then the Toddler before finally deciding on the Toddler. We got a Sea Foam (I think) plus a matching lumbar support @ $260+. PS: There’s a $10 discount voucher in the Baby fair catalogue. Alternatively, you get 5% off plus free courier if you can wait till next Wednesday. We could and thus got the carrier at a steal.

Then we went around as best as we could. But the exhibition hall was just too crowded. So we just made a few selected pitstops and gave up on the others. Along the same row as Soul Singapore, we found Wen’s White Bait Fish (good old trusty calcium booster for Lè meimei and Ez). Use promo code Love4fish to get $10 off $70.

Marian’s Lactation Bakes at L07 sells an assortment of yummy and healthy lactation bakes. After a year of breastfeeding, my supply has dipped so this yummy and nutritional boost is a great treat and worthwhile because every extra drop liquid gold is so precious. Quote Mummy J to get $5 off $50. Discount is non-stackable. Alternatively, check out the promo below.

If you are looking for a hospital grade pump, check out Bing Bling, they had expanded their booth! They are the sole distributor for Spectra. Recently, they introduced an experience room where you pay a certain amount and get to go in to try out their products. I must say that it’s a very interesting idea especially for first time mums who are clueless about matters pertaining to the boobs and want to try out the different pumps and sterilizers. If only they had this in 2016.

Bumwear which brings in JJB and Tula among others was just too crowded with a queue to speak to the sales assistants. Though we wanted to try out their toddler baby carrier, no one was free to help us out after we hung around for a bit. Their new Lights Tula is very pretty though. Maybe next time then. Bumwear is located along aisle G. About the same row as Gerber puffs. Ez and Lè meimei love their puffs. Their organic series is nice. They are giving out Cetaphil Travel kit with purchase (not sure how much though). Go check it out yourself kie!

Peachy and Kiddylicious, both of which are my kids’ favourite snacks too, are having attractive promotions as well! For Peachy, there’s a wide variety of puree and an assortment of biscuits and puffs. Spend $30 and you receive a feeding set. Meanwhile, you receive an umbrella if you spend $80 at Kiddylicious. Though skinny, these 2 kids really can 吃穷我 so such offers are really worth braving the crowd for.

Self service

After dinner snack

Our last stop was Ourone&only to pick up our preorders. I super love their milk storage bottles and food storage containers. It’s recommended to change your bottles every 6 months but because Ourone&only bottles are so affordable, I usually change them once every 3 months. Don’t throw the old bottles away though. You can use them to sort out the tiny LEGO pieces. Their food storage container though small and flat, holds up to 90ml! So compact and thus perfect for my upcoming trip in June!!! It’s air tight and fits Gerber puff perfectly! I usually use it to store cereal when out and use it as a bowl to feed Lè meimei. They are also selling the portable UV sterilizer, 59秒.

It comes with a whole load of useful freebies such as a wet bag for bottles, an ice block and even a choice of storage bottles or food containers. These freebies add up to abit too and thus makes the portable sterilizer very much more worthwhile. Other than the above, they also sell an assortment of baby needs so make this a necessary pit stop okie! I spy their minky blankets but it’s too crowded and we didn’t get to touch it. Pity! It’s located in Row A, the same row as TLO. Oh yeah! TLO is having a promo. Spend $20 and you get a mini Ohmymat free! This colouring mat is the rage these days! So check it out too!

My advice to conquering this baby fair? Go super early to get a good lot at the carpark! With so many good deals, your hub confirm must make a few trips to deposit your bags of goodies. Bring cash! Lots of them. You can beat the snaking queue (somewhat) if you opt to pay in cash. A big Decalthon/ikea recycling bag will be helpful in lugging your stuff. Bring a water bottle and some bread kie! Don’t know about you but shopping makes me oh soooo hungry!

Have fun shopping!!!

Portable UV Sterilizer by 59秒

Are you sick of worrying about how your milk bottles and pumps should be sterilized for the next pump/feed when you are out or when you are on holiday? I sure am. Now I no longer need to go in search of distilled water just to boil and sterilize their milk bottles.

Introducing my new love, a portable UV sterilizer, by 59秒.

Such a sleek and stylish invention. Lightweight. Spacious interior. Sturdy (able to withstand abuse from Lè meimei who now drags it around like a luggage). Just to name a few. It comes equipped with its own power bank. And it only takes a minute to zap away the nasties. A must-have among your arsenal of baby stuff. Many working mums store their pump parts in the fridge after expressing milk at work and only wash them at the end of the day when they get home for convenience’s sake. Now we do not need to compromise on hygiene just to save time.

Here’s a video of the unboxing!

Then I realized its potential. No one said it has to be restricted to milk bottles and pump parts right. One can also keep germs at bay when outside for the entire day by sterilizing their cutlery, toys (especially the ones your kids put in their mouth, comb, hair accessories, etc) And perhaps that’s another reason why the hub loves this too. His OCD wife no longer gets ’emotionally unhinged’ over the stuff his kids drop/throw/abuse/whatever… You get the idea.

Initially, I wanted to get the kids to do what they do best, but alas, they ain’t in the mood to throw their toys nor drop their cutlery today. So here’s our rendition of the story of our lives, the daily struggles edition and how this portable UV sterilizer saves the day.

Mum’s life just got much easier right??? There’s 3 different versions. A box it cooler bag, the trendy single (mine) and a dual layer cooler bag. Our kids are older so the single suffice. But new mums should certainly check out the other 2 versions.

Screengrab from Ourone&only

Say goodbye to germs/cumbersome means of sterilizing and hello to more ME time, courtesy of 59秒.

Be-Jewel-ed@ Changi Airport

Omg! To say that we were in awe of Jewel at Changi Airport is an understatement! How on earth did they manage to put all my favourite retail shops and restaurants (plus lots more I haven’t heard of) in 1 place?! For the longest of time, I had been intrigued by this pandora charm lookalike piece in the middle of Changi Airport. So glad the hub managed to get the preview tickets!

Though it was a mad rush for me to get home and get everyone ready for the 4pm entry, I’m glad to report that actually there’s no need to rush as once you get in, you are really on your own. Seriously, if I had known that there’s going to be a workshop on a Friday, I would have asked the hub to get the tickets for Sat instead. Such a mad dash to get everyone and everything in order is bad for my heart. So stressful okay.

I super love the HSBC Rain Vortex! Standing at 40m, it’s the world’s tallest indoor waterfall! We entered from B4 of Lobby F and I must say the initial contact was a spectacular and breathtaking one. The night view portrays a totally different feel!

We also had a sneak preview of what’s in store for the kids at the Canopy Park! As it’s gonna be a paid attraction, one can expect lots of interesting stuff for everyone. You will need to pay when the attraction opens on 10th June.

I wanna grow old with the hub like these two.

There’s also a small TV room with little chairs beside the restroom at the Discovery Slide. And because Lè meimei was trying to tell me that she wanted her milk fix, we left everyone at one of the benches dotting the park to explore the nursing room. It’s huge and thoughtfully designed. Really. There’s even a sink in the nursing room cubicle. You can find a hot and cold water dispenser here so you don’t have to lug bottles of water along.

Because of the high volume of visitors, the nursing room was in quite a state. It’s painful to see the new facilities being ‘abused’. Waste paper carelessly thrown and pieces of rubbish everywhere. Someone had even ripped off some of the leaves that were part of the decor. It was only day 2 and already the fixture in the toilet was damaged. 😡 More love please, people!

Dinner was at Gochi-so Shokudo. Menu might be considered as limited and not all dishes are equal. Nonetheless, I love the one I had (D6) on the menu. I can’t remember its name though.

Princess Kalyssa wasn’t too impressed with Ez’s masterpiece but nonetheless, she gave him the most encouraging smile when he showed the piece to her. You need to up your game to impress your date, son!

The kids had so much fun doing this on repeat. So drama. But we couldn’t stop giggling along with them. Took lots of photos here not because it’s the prettiest part of the Jewel but because these kids were so happy here. Anyway, this was just in front of A&W. The wait to get to the front of the counter was around 45min and there’s another 35min wait for the food. And the person we asked only started eating at 6pm. The other snaking queue was for entry to the Pokémon Centre. We went to the one in Japan already so not too interested in vying for a spot to get in. Yet.

All in all, the Jewel is indeed something for all Singaporeans to be proud of. This is certainly going to be a hot favourite for future play dates. Looking forward to the opening of the Canopy Park so that the kids can have another avenue to knock themselves out. So please don’t charge an arm and leg because we really really like what we saw and hope to be there as often as possible. Not to mention, I’m really looking forward to Shake Shack. So say hi to us should you meet us there kie! This is definitely going to be one of our favourite hangout!

PS: The cover photo was taken by the hub. Can you see what he was trying to achieve in this photo? Nice.

Review: Taste of Fantasy Cake House

Are you craving for some sweet treats yet don’t wanna pay an arm and a leg for the ones in SG? Then I recommend you a super nice baker, David Tan. He’s a Malaysian baker and often does cake runs to SG. I first got to try his cake at Lè Meimei’s Halfway to 1 Bash. His mango cake was yummy. Then I got to try his mango crepe cake at her 1 Year Old Bash for the March babies and saw some of the photos of cakes designed by him for Lè meimei’s friends who celebrated their birthdays earlier.

David is a talented baker. Though I feel he is great with cream and crepes, there’s certainly room for improvement for his fondant designs. Nonetheless, he will personally try his best to recreate any designs you find online.

I saw his galaxy cake design and immediately decided to order one for Lè meimei’s cake smash. It’s super pretty. All in my favourite shades. It initially comes in a 2kg size and has roses and a ball with fairy lights but we opted for a 1kg cake and yet it’s still too big. Lè meimei lost interest in her cake before she even created a dent. Perhaps a 500g version would have fitted our objective better. Now we are stuck with a huge Black Forest cake that’s minimally smashed so we have to eat it all up.

We decided not to add in the rose petals and the ball with fairy lights to keep it simple.

We also ordered a 1kg durian crepe cake at the same time for my mum. Everyone loves it. I think I will order a durian and another in mango in future. It’s that good. The total damage for these 2 cakes plus transport cost from JB to your doorstep is just $80sgd. PS: that small chocolate cake is meant for Ez as he can’t stand the smell of durians. This guy obviously doesn’t know what’s good for him. Lé meimei has no such issues. All food is good food.

David does dessert table setup (with backdrop) at a super duper affordable price. Not to mention there’s kueh, cupcakes, brownies, fruit tarts and even those marble cakes that you gift your relatives during the full month party.

The dessert setup at the March baby bash

Do support this talented and affordable baker. And message me if you are ordering stuff okay, I may just tag along and we can share his delivery cost.

David Tan:

Disclaimer: I’m in no way responsible for your weight gain hor.