A slightly different Sunday

Ez is getting better (kinda subjective) at following procedures so I decided that it’s time to bake cookies with him. We got one of those instant cookies mix from the supermarket. If you are more hands on, you should start a batch of cookies from scratch but I ain’t that ambitious. Maybe next time. When everyone is all grown up.

Opening the pack

I like this cookie mix because it’s idiot proof. I mean you just need to add in whatever ingredients that’s not in the premix and stir. Ideally, Ez should be the one cracking the egg, pouring the oil and water into the measuring cup and doing the big stir up. But he’s ain’t too interested in such mundane stuff. He loved the idea of pouring stuff into the mixing bowl. He obviously didn’t understand about being precise. So after adding all the wet ingredients into the premix, it became one soupy mess and that’s when he surrendered his spoon. It’s too dirty for him.

Pouring the egg in without beating it first

Watching him hold onto the mixing bowl worried me ALOT

Here’s how Ez looked with Korean oppa’s wavy fringe

Spooning the cookie mix onto baking sheet

I love how they are so generous with the chocolate chips. We will definitely be doing another batch soon!

Thereafter, we went to Gardens by the Bay again. Since we became members, it had been one of our go to places when we wanted to help Ez expend his energy. We had never been up the OCBC skywalk so we made it a priority to get there. The hub concluded that Ez ain’t afraid of heights.

Us in matching dresses sponsored by Toddley Thoughts

I couldn’t help lol-ing at this photo because of Lè meimei’s cheeky expression. She insisted on showcasing her tongue in almost every shot. Oh! Did I ever mention that she’s the proud owner of 2 pearly teeth? Her bottom 2 teeth had erupted on 12th October and she’s still 6 months old! Would she then lose her milk teeth at an earlier age compared to Ez who was toothless till 9 months? Only time will tell obviously!

Lunch was at Hill Street Coffee Shop and we loved their food! The Nasi Lemak with lemon grass fried chicken was a hit with Ez! He polished off almost 3/4 of the plate of rice. Looks like we would need to order him a main, if he’s in one of his maniac eating phase. My boy is all grown up… I liked their laksa too. Lots of coconut milk in the gravy. No photos of the food because everyone was famished.

Lè meimei’s first attempt in a high chair!

Looks like someone is ready to join us at the dining table. This is something I have been looking forward to because it means I no longer have to carry her while eating singlehandedly.

Lè meimei approves of Lilo Ikan Bilis Powder

This girl is almost ready for solids! Gosh. Is it true that time passes more quickly when there’s 2 kids? How come this girl is growing up so fast?! I will definitely miss her not stinky pre solids poop.

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EZ’s trying day

I just wanna do a quick write up to document EZ’s first hair cut! This is a momentous event! Though technically speaking, it’s not his first but it’s a first by someone not me! I have been cutting his hair for the past 25 months. Every haircut is sheer torture for him because he cannot bear to have the hair falling on him. He thinks cutting his hair is painful and that the fallen hair on him is dirty. No one wants to cut his hair because he cannot sit still. He will be shrieking in terror while twisting his body left and right in a bid to grab the scissors or his hair.

Prior to today, I had been telling him that his hair was too long and they were covering his eyes. His response would be to hold up his fringe before looking at me. I gave him two options. I cut his hair or the Aunty at the salon. His response would always be ‘Papa’. 🤦🏻‍♀️ The hub wouldn’t want to cut his hair for sure. Cut wrongly, later I angry. Or worse cut off a part of the ear of my precious in the ensuing struggle. So there’s no way he would volunteer for such a hardship job.

I had French fries…… box @ Mcdonald

So today after lunch at Macdonald’s, we stopped outside one of those $10 shops and tried our best to convince him to step into the shop. I managed to half convinced half dragged him into the shop. He sat on my legs, looking super tensed. He has grown up a lot! He didn’t cry until the guy trimmed his fringe and that was only because the hair fell onto his leg. Cry die him.

Struggling to hold a struggling Ez
Sheepdog Ez

Later in the evening, we took the kids to the beach. The hub and I decided that we need to do something about EZ’s phobia of sand. So for the past week we had been telling him about how much fun it would be to roll his excavator and bulldozer around the sand. He was really excited. Until he got to the beach of course. Then he refused to be set down by the hub. He only stood on his own after we laid out the picnic mat. Lè meimei on the other hand was perfectly at ease even when we buried her feet in the sand. This guy however refused to move or play with his toys!

The sand left him in distress… So emo…
A different kind of sea, sand, sun after kids.

We have no idea how to help Ez to conquer his fear. Would constant exposure help? Or would it just make him more fearful? Today is certainly a trying day for him. No wonder he fell asleep before dinner and went to bed with only a bottle of milk. Poor Ez.

Lè meimei @ 育国

Lè meimei is sick! 😭😭😭

She’s been coughing the past couple of days and regurgitating her milk whenever she tries to expel the phlegm. If this is happening to Ez, I won’t be so panicky because Ez loves medicine. Sometimes, he even feigns coughs and tells us “Ez coughing, eat medicine!” So cute right! He downs medicine like shots. Lè meimei, on the other hand, hates medication. Not even the super sweet Prospan. She’s an expert at spitting them out! If she can’t do that because I squeeze her nose to make her swallow (very cruel act and my heart just breaks a little each time I do that), she will force herself to puke it out.

So the hub and I decided that Lè meimei should be brought to 育国中医诊疗所(Yu Guo TCM) @ Kembangan Plaza in hope that the 幼儿推拿 will help her to expel out the phlegm. Kembangan Plaza is a pink building directly opposite the entrance of the MRT station. The building is old and looks deserted and there’s a weird smell the moment you enter it. Walk up a couple of steps to get to the elevator or just walk down the longer flight to B1. Turn left and you will see the clinic. Remember, if LèEzMum can find it, so can you! Did I mention that the building is old and looks kinda sleazy even though none of the shops look suspicious? Anyway, the toilets are at least clean and comes equipped with toilet paper. There’s also a 7-11 on level 1 (probably the highlight of the entire building). No diaper change area. So please pray no poopnami!

If you have not heard of this clinic, it’s established since 1986. It had since moved to its current location which is way more accessible. Both the hub and myself were one of the earliest batch of kiddos to have visited them at their old quarters. Here’s the link to their website. If you are particular about the therapists who attend to you, do check it out to see if he/she is on leave.

We arrived at the clinic on a Thursday at around 10.40am. It was standing room only. I asked the therapist later on and she said it’s really crowded because it’s a school holiday (Last day of PSLE marking). I doubt so. The majority are parents with little babies. Babies don’t go to school anyway. My guess is that since they are closed on Wednesdays, everyone thinks it’s imperative to grab the doctors to feel more secure. So avoid Thursdays! Based on the same logic, I think Tuesdays will be bad too. I don’t have to tell you that the weekends will be worse. Please. You wouldn’t want to be stuck in there for more than 2hours amidst sickly people and crying children. There’s nowhere to bring the energetic toddlers around and they confirm cannot sit still beyond the first 10 minutes (provided that there’s enough stools). Lè meimei was #85 and the display showed #47. 🙄

When it was finally her turn after more than an hour’s wait, we went into the Doctor’s room and she proceeded to listen to Lè meimei with a stethoscope. Ermm. No need to 把脉 anymore?! Never mind. Maybe I think too much. In less than 3 minutes, we were led out by the 推拿师. I barely had enough time to tell her that Lè meimei coughed a lot at night. So plan what you want to say and say it at the speed of a runaway train. This was our first visit and she didn’t even ask us about allergies and whatsnot!

Way of communication between doctor to therapist

This is quite scary in my opinion. There ain’t a computerized system to communicate between doctor and therapist. Your child’s diagnosis and suggested remedy is reduced to tiny slips of papers! What if a slip of paper slip off? Anyway, Lè meimei loves the massage. It started with the palm and then the tummy, the back, the soles and finally the ears. She almost fell asleep but couldn’t because there was a wailing baby on the next bed. Our poor ears.


1. Bring your own toy! There’s a lot of toys in the room but seriously, I wouldn’t want Lè meimei to touch them cuz they had been handled to death by the 84 kids before her and dunno how many before that. Plus she licks her toys.

2. Bring a blanket or a jacket. It’s extremely cold as the aircon is on full blast and blowing directly at the 2 rows of beds.

3. Don’t feed too close to your number or at least don’t do a full feed cuz the tummy massage is quite intense. You don’t wanna clean up a pukey mess because there’s no place to change the kid!

Subsequently, we went back for another round of massage on a Friday. Lè meimei indeed puked out most of her phlegm that very night and her cough was much better so we followed up with the treatment plan. She now smells like a walking herb farm because she has to wear a medicine bag strap above her belly button.

All in all, I am doubtful about their system but since Lè meimei really cannot take her oral medication well, the massages seem to be the only option. That said, I wouldn’t be bringing her here if she’s running a fever or anything more serious which require more sophisticated interventions.

Sigh. This was supposed to be a short post but look at all these words. I wonder if there’s anything the physicians can do about verbal diarrhoea. Good night.

P.S: The waiting time on Friday was very short there’s lots of empty seats around. Lè meimei was #57 while the display was 39. Such a sharp contrast to the previous day.

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The Halfway to 1 Bash

32 mummies and 34 babies made their way to the Live Great Space at Great Eastern Building yesterday for the Halfway to 1 Baby Bash. It’s Lè meimei’s second play date and boy, the turnout was even better than her inaugural one last month. It was literally standing room only. As our event started at 1pm, a lot of passers by stood outside wondering what we were doing. An entire flock of mummies with babies must be quite a sight! Thank you GE for hosting us and offering so many perks to us!

Live Great! Be Great!

So proud to be part of this exclusive event

Our generous sponsors

The best thing about this group of mummies is how spontaneous everyone is. When someone suggested goodie bags, the organizing mummies scampered to find sponsors. Then there’s even lucky draw prizes! When we needed playmats to put the babies on, mummies ordered them online! The poster above is created by another mummy. Bear in mind that all these mummies have at least one around 6 months kiddo to keep alive. Love this bunch!

Sumptuous buffet spread sponsored by GE

Love the curry chicken and fish with salted egg sauce!

Lovely mango cake

All birthday cakes should come with such a candle!!! Too bad Ez ain’t around. He would have been awestruck!

Dress code was a colour from the rainbow so Lè meimei’s in green

Meet Lè meimei, a grumpy mermaid who missed her nap time

Almost all the attendees

Our goodie bag!

Facial product samples

Essential oil samples

The above are some of the more interesting items that were in our goodie bag. Very seldom do we receive items that are solely meant for pampering the mummies but Landifen thoughtfully did so. Looking forward to trying out the samples tonight. Gwen from DoTERRA was really generous in her samples sharing. We received not 1 but 6 different oil samples to try out! Nursing mums need all the boost we can get. So imagine our pleasant surprise when we found the samples from Milking Cow and Marian’s Lactation Boost. The lactation brownie is awesome. This sweet treat isn’t too sweet and yet tantalizing on the taste buds because of the chocolate chips and chia seeds that packed every bite. Sadly, it was gone too soon.

Making ikan bilis powder is a lot of work. I did that for Ez when porridge was his main sustenance. Washing, drying, baking and then grinding them can take up an entire day. I’m glad to receive the Lilo ikan bilis powder for Lè meimei as she embarks on her weaning journey. A little goes a long way. So I’m going to try to make this sample last for as long as possible. Laminating papers is something I do frequently for the noticeboard in the classroom as well as manipulatives for lessons. It’s hard work preparing them so imagine my surprise when I found the activity pack from Family Rys Fun Time. That’s like 32 sets you know! So much effort! So much passion! It’s laminated and even the corners are thoughtfully trimmed so Lè meimei can enjoy (licking) it. This activity pack will serve as a great filler for Ez in the car or even at mealtimes when he’s done eating and we are still busy with our food.

The most expensive item in our goodie bag is none other than the twinning outfit for mummy and child by Toddley Thoughts! Omg! When the organizing committee announced that we would each receive a set of matching nursing dress and baby outfit (retailing at $59) for the event, everyone couldn’t believe our eyes (well, we were reading the text messages).

I chose this design for twinning with Lè meimei

Did I mention that the Mummy who collected these from the sponsor actually helped us washed the outfits?! We are really blessed! Can’t wait to twin with Lè meimei this weekend! Thank you Toddley Thoughts! And before I forget! The stationery gift set below is also sponsored by them! Lè meimei won it for being the second best dressed baby! I’m sure Ez is already eyeing them!

Lè meimei astounded the judges with her beauty to clinch 2nd place in Best Dressed

It takes a village to raise a kid. I’m glad my kampong is strong. Though we have only mostly whatsapp chatted with each other in the huge chat group of more than 190 mummies, but it’s like we have known each other for ages already. Thank you everyone for blessing me and Lè meimei with nursing shawl, milk boosters and even milk powder for Ez! I went to the gathering with 2 bags and came home with 5! Goodness! 真的满载而归! 感恩。

Happy Sweet ‘16’, Darling!

34 years ago today, the hub was born! Everyone shouldn’t have to go to work on their birthdays (my excuse to skive off baby duties) but too bad it didn’t happen. The hub KNEW that he’s better off at work than at home.

Dinner was at Saveur @ Century Square. The floor manager initially was quite attitude. Maybe he didn’t like kids or he thought that we were too shabbily dressed. His attitude only changed a little after we ordered our food. Zzz. I hate such 大小眼 kind of people. So snobbish. Though there weren’t many people, the food preparation took a while. Ez kept asking for his food while Lè meimei woke up from her nap even before the main course arrived. Luckily, there’s 2 television sets to entertain the kids and yeah we let them watched TV. Whatever.

There’s a special set meal for the Century Square branch. Here’s the ala cart menu. There’s lunch promo as well where the 2nd set lunch is at 50% off.

Most of the food was great! We ordered Truffle fries (a tad too salty) for our liking. Ez loves fries but he refused these because their truffle fries had black truffle bits and the OCD boy decided that they were too dirty. The hub had to clean them with tissue before Ez agreed to eat them. Suffice to say, we will be giving this a miss should we return. Not worth overloading our kidneys. We also had escargots and it came with little pieces of baguette. The hub ordered the Steak Au Poivre and I had the Signature Duck Confit. EZ had the mushroom soup. Not the best we had tasted but it’s not too bad. We also topped up for pan fried foie gras. The plating was excellent. Unfortunately, we forgot to take photos of the food before we started. Yupz. When you become parents, food photography is of an extremely low priority. The first on the list is usually to feed the ‘extremely’ hungry kid and then proceed to shove food into your mouths at the speed of light.

Duck Confit resting on a bed of the most fluffy mashed potato

Pan fried Foie Gras

Complimentary Birthday Cake

Earlier in the morning, the hub told Ez that he could choose a birthday cake and Ez immediately asked for Jackson Storm. That’s really really tough. Confirm wouldn’t be able to find a cake featuring Jackson Storm because he only appeared in Cars 3 as calefare. So I got a cake from Rive Gauche Patisserie, found a picture of Jackson Storm on Google and told the hub to print out. Ez was elated to have a Jackson Storm cake. He’s obviously confused and thought it’s his birthday.

This time round, we had the cake before we went out for dinner! Perfect timing because everyone was still awake and happy. These two sleep early so both of them will be really cranky if we had done the cake cutting after we get home from dinner. The Lavender Earl Grey combi was a hit! The hub loved it and ate more than half the cake. The rest of us just had to make do with tiny slices while Lè meimei had none.

Purposely lit the exact number of candles just so Ez could blow them out to his heart’s content

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Recipe: Cream of Pumpkin Soup

Ez is like a vegetarian. He doesn’t eat meat and fish. Actually, he doesn’t eat vegetables too. That makes him a vegetarian kosong? Gone were the everything also eat abit BLW kid. Now, the 2yo Ez is an extremely fussy eater who eats only rice and noodles. Of course he eats the junk food like fries and most potato dishes (if he’s in the mood) but too bad potatoes ain’t veggies.

So in a bid to sneak in something healthier into his system, I decided to make pumpkin soup as he loves soup. I couldn’t decide if I wanted the soup to be savory or sweet. So this time round, I kept it really simple.

Here’s what went into my pot:

  • 600g pumpkin (that’s the weight of the pumpkin chunk before I remove the inedibles)
  • 100ml Thickened Cream
  • 300ml milk (I use Meiji Full Cream milk)
  • A dash of truffle oil (optional)
  • A dash of basil and pepper

If you have been reading my blog, you will realize that chopping stuff with a knife ain’t my forte. So don’t laugh at my pumpkin chunks okie. Personal best. No stress.

Initial attempt

Enhanced version

Steam the pumpkin till mushy

Blend the mushy pumpkin

Add in the milk and thickened cream to the pumpkin and heat it up while stirring gently. Add in a dash of basil, pepper and truffle oil when ready to serve.

Ez and I love soup. The hub only drinks angmoh soup. I didn’t have to coerce the hub into drinking this. So I guess this is not a bad attempt. If you do not like sweet pumpkin soup, you may wish to substitute half of the milk (150ml) with 150ml of chicken broth. Add in a little finely chopped garlic.

I use this instead of chopping my own garlic as I can’t stand the smell of garlic but this works for me. If your chicken broth is unsalted, a sprinkle of salt works wonder after you scoop out a portion for the little one.

Recipe: Brewed Apple and Pear juice

My mum made apple juice for Ez previously when he caught a cold from school and was coughing and sniffling. So when I lost my voice and the entire family was down with flu, I decided to replicate her recipe and make a few tweaks to it. This is really good for coughs and sore throats and it’s especially nourishing for the poor overworked lungs.

Here’s what went into the pot:

  • 4 Fuji apples
  • 4 Golden pears
  • 80g of 南杏
  • 80g of 北杏
  • 10 small dried figs (fresh ones work better)
  • 15 red dates
  • 2 littres of water

Just for illustration in case you don’t know them

Cut them into cubes

Got them from Shengshiong

Rinse and pack them in Daiso teabags for easy disposal

Soak red dates and dried figs in hot water for 5 mins

Put all the ingredients into the pot. Add in 2 litres of water and boil for 3 hours. If you have a big enough pot, double boiling would definitely be preferred to minimize water loss from boiling.

If you are a hoarder like me, the wrapper for the pears is very pretty. I’m hoarding it for some distant Art project (prob in my mind only).

Hope you enjoy the apple and pear juice as much as Ez does.

EZ’s first Children’s Day

Preparation is key should there be a deviation from routine. This is especially true for those who just turned 2. We informed Ez yesterday that he wouldn’t be wearing his school uniform tomorrow and instead he will be wearing an awesome looking Superman outfit for the celebration in school. Of cuz he started protesting. He said he wanted his uniform! 🙄🙄🙄 That’s rich coming from someone who always needed to be chased around to put on his uniform.

His hair is too long to be styled so idea to gel his hair is scraped
Lè meimei’s hair is just messy like that.
Superman pushing a super grumpy Supergirl

It’s really hard to communicate with him these couple of days because I lost my voice. So I had to try really hard to explain to him that I would be bringing Lè meimei downstairs to watch him. And nope. I wouldn’t be bringing him home. Just that we would be watching the celebration. Why all the trouble? Because once recently, I went downstairs to watch him play without informing him in advance. He saw me, said bye to all his friends, wanted to leave the line to join me and burst into tears when he realised he ain’t going home. It broke my heart to watch him cry like that. That look in his eyes was as if I betrayed and abandoned him.

All the prep work was a success. Ez saw us as he walked in with his class and he didn’t attempt to join us. Instead he just stayed with his classmates while throwing glances at us. Then we realised something! The Superhero theme didn’t materialize! Everyone was just wearing home clothes/princess dresses/not in theme costumes. Ez was the only one in his class in a superhero outfit! Talk about being overdressed!

Can you spot the crayon?!
The reluctant Superheroes

The kids had lots of fun. In fact, I feel that the activities were more interesting than the ones planned for their sports day. There were 6 games stations and the kids rotate through them as a class. The toddlers were obviously at a disadvantage as it took them a long time to walk from one station to the other. They could only do a couple of stations before it’s time to move on. There was also a mass dance. Ez was so high that he was dancing in front with his teachers.

I’m sure everyone had a lot of fun. I know that Ez was really high. He was rosy-cheeked and sweaty. Being outdoors for little toddlers is probably the best way to ensure they eat heartily and nap soundly.

Happy Children’s Day!

Edited to add in his gift from his teachers.

The almost perfect Superhero outfit

Ez came home with a letter in his communication book. His school is celebrating children’s day this Friday and he has to dress according to the theme, Super heroes. Kinda pissed that it’s so last minute. I mean we used to have Batman and Superman outfits but Ez had long outgrown them. So by informing the parents only 3 days beforehand, we have to scamper to find him an outfit.

Since it’s too late to source online, I had to look for it in physical shops. If you know me well enough, you will know that I seldom buy clothes for the kids in physical shops (like in desperate times). Most of Ez’s clothes come from online but the majority of Lè meimei’s clothes are blessed by a mummy friend. I’m this clueless about where I needed to go to find above mentioned outfit. Thank god for the resourceful mummies in the East Group whatsapp group, they provided me with a few leads and I decided to head out today to look for an outfit for him.

Together with my parents, we headed to BHG at Bugis Junction at around noon. We went straight to the kids department on the 3rd floor. I didn’t want to settle for a T-shirt and instead wanted something with a cape. There are only 2 designs that fit the bill.

A potential fashion disaster

We are quite lucky to be able to get the last piece of size 2 for the Superman outfit. This cost $29.90! And it’s only a top. I didn’t get the shorts for him cuz it looks so wrong (shorts sold separately). I have no idea why the design for the shorts is so complicated. Ez will just have to wear one of his existing shorts or pants to go with it.

If you ain’t fussy like me, there’s plenty of other stuff that fits the Superheroes theme. Nothing for girls though. BHG believes that unicorns/ponies/princesses are more appropriate.

Nope! Ez can’t be glowing in broad daylight!

Too many nice tops, too little money

Just in case none of these catch your eye, let me just share with you that there’s actually another place nearer to home that sells superheroes outfits! Downtown East! Located on level 2 of the new wing, there’s a push cart kind of stall that sells superheroes theme swimwear and PJs! They come in a set and cost less than what I paid for. Only consolation is that their version is long sleeves n long pants which will be too hot for Ez.

Lots of options for superheroes wannabe

Top row: Swimwear; Bottom row: PJs

And if you are going to get one for this Friday, don’t mind pirated Tees, there’s a stall right outside NTUC at Downtown East that has a couple of T-shirts that’s superhero related. $6 only!!! You can get 5 of these for the price I paid for a top. 🤣🤣🤣

Mission shirt hunting declared a success!

#superheroes #shopping #childrensday

My favourite ladies meet up @ Two Hana

After my JC pals, these women must be my next oldest besties oredi. My favourite ladies (that’s the name of our WhatsApp chatgroup) are 2 wonderful and generous ladies I met in Tampines North Primary and all 3 of us entered NIE together in 2003. If you can do the Math, you will realise that we have known each other for 15 glorious years.

All of us. 10 years younger and 11 kids before.

Together with Pris and Sab, we formed a multiracial gang who spent all our NIE days together. We did our tutorials (they let me copied) together and worked on all group projects together whenever possible. I still remembered that we came up with a dance or song or something extremely lame on not smoking for one of the module. “Say no to smoking!” Maybe I will write something about the good old days in another post. Gosh! I miss these women so much!

Life got the better of us. With 11 kids between the 5 of us, we no longer have the luxury to meet up as often as we liked. However, on Tuesday afternoon I managed to meet up with Kavi and Sha for a quick lunch. We had been talking about a meet up for ages but it simply didn’t materialize as they finished work late and I had to be home early for Ez. So on Monday while lamenting on how long we hadn’t seen each other (about 5 months), the stars aligned and we could get together to have a quick lunch.

Lè meimei had the honour of joining us for lunch and I guess she was the busiest among us 4. She sat on a chair, rested on the couch and bounced on my leg in the span of a quick meal.

Chilling while mummy scampered to change

Lè meimei behind bars

All wrapped up

Self-entertained kiddos are the best behaved ones

Striking up a conversation with Aunty Sha

Photo by Beautycam app

We met up at Two Hana, a halal cafe-bistro with Korean-Western fusion dishes. It’s touted as creative and cheap (can’t think of another C word adjective at this late hour). Creative. Yes. Affordable, not so. But I really loved the Korean Seafood Cioppino with tofu dish ($12). A lot. I took the option to add on kimgaru rice for $2. However, their potion is really small. The rice serving might only be enough to feed Ez. Yups. It’s that small. Famished as I was, I had to ration it carefully to last till the last bit of stew. It was a gamble actually. As it’s almost impossible to have a soup dish, much less one with the molluscs, with a wriggly Lè meimei around. She takes pride in snatching my food or tackling anything within a leg’s reach. But like I said, the stars aligned! So I had a really enjoyable lunch with great company and good food.

Korean seafood cioppino with tofu and a side of kimgaru rice

Apple Caramel waffles with dongenjang caramel ice cream

The staff at Two Hana is awesome. The guy, Bryan, was really patient in introducing the items on their menu. It was crowded when we got there and there wasn’t an ideal table for us 4. He took the initiative to get us a table (which was reserved for their staff) by joining it with another spare one. Really very thoughtful of him. Kavi ordered a dessert, Apple caramel waffles with Doenjang caramel ice cream ($9) recommended by Bryan and she said it was good. Sha had the Chicken Bulgogi Bap ($14). Though the portions are small, the exquisite taste of the food made up for it. I will be back certainly. When I’m not too hungry.

Menu for mains

Light bites and desserts

Breakfast promo

Lunch deals

Do check out this bistro if you are in the neighbourhood.

2 Tampines Central 5, #01-21 Century Square (S)529509