Staycation @ Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

For Father’s Day, I secretly booked a staycation for the hub at Crowne Plaza. It remained a closely guarded secret (had no one to tell since both kids can’t understand anyway) till the day before the staycation. The only reason I informed the hub rather than just packed everything and said, “Let’s go!” on Saturday itself was because (drum rolls)……. I couldn’t find meimei’s float and needed his help to locate it.

Getting two kids out of the house for a night is sheer hard work and I’m not sure I will be brave enough for another attempt any time soon. Judging from the amount of stuff I had to pack and then unpack, the amount of effort put in to get to a night stay in Singapore is totally not worth it. Might as well book a 3D2N stay instead but with the amount I must pay, an overseas trip will be more worthwhile. What a dilemma!

I reserved a King Premier Runway View room which was a great hit for Ez. We could see the airplanes landing, the sky train coming and going as well as a construction site! Planes, trains and an excavator! All his current craze! By booking through the IHG app, I earned 3833 points!

The boy and his obsessions

What we like about our stay:

Lots of space for our stuff: There’s so much space that we could just leave everything (we are over packers) lying around and still had space for us to sit and Ez to climb up and around.

Sunken bathtub: The bathtub is huge. Big enough to accommodate both Ez and LX who was floating around in the water. We spent a lot of time in the tub because the pool was so freaking cold. We gave up and went back to the room after like 15minutes.

My babies chilling in the tub

Lè meimei having a lot of fun “swimming”!

The water in the pool was way too cold for her so she tried to catch some rays.

Exhibiting water confidence (like 10sec) in the frigid water
Spacious king size bed: We ain’t ambitious enough to squeeze everyone in bed. Actually requested for a baby cot, the guy at the check-in counter assured us that it’s already in the room but nope, it wasn’t there but we couldn’t be bothered to ask since there’s a couch that Lè meimei could use. Don’t attempt this unless your little one is still unable to flip!

Said couch that turned into Lè meimei’s bed

Lè meimei practising her kungfu moves while her brother naps
What we didn’t like:

The buffet spread: Limited variety. There are however two live stations. One for laksa and another for eggs. There’s also a few juices to choose from. But the porridge and salad selection were quite pathetic.

The pool: Why soooo cold?! No baby pool. Enough said. We love your bathtub though!

The invisible baby cot: Don’t tell me that the cot is already in the room when it is not! Unless it’s so high tech that it’s invisible. Oh well, we didn’t really need it anyway.

No complimentary parking: Please refrain from driving to said staycation unless you are willing to fork out $57.60 per day.

All in all, we had a great time on our first staycation as a family of four. The Crowne Plaza is a great choice for families with young kids who are fascinated by trains and planes. Its close proximity to lots of F&B outlets in the airport terminals is also a huge draw as you do not need to worry about lunch and dinner! We will certainly be back, hopefully in the not-too-far future, as long as the hub joins in the packing of luggage pre-staycation segment.

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Surviving preorder sales

As a 2nd time mum, I’m a strong advocate of online shopping because it takes a lot of effort to lug an almost 2 year old Ez plus babywear a 3 month old Lè meimei and that awfully heavy diaper bag and still be in the mood to walk around a mall.

So when the pre-order for Mummy’s Market started, I literally clicked through every page to check out the deals available. Though I no longer need to buy everything from scratch again since Lè meimei can use some of the items we got for her kor kor, it still gives me cheap thrill to see how much savings I can get from such online sales.

Here are a few tips on what you can look out for if you are a first time mummy.

Baby Cot:

Choose something that’s versatile and can be used for a looooong time. Best if it can be used from birth till toddlerhood. I prefer cots where the rails can be lowered so that I wouldn’t need to break my back to reach down for the baby. You will understand why this is an important criterion when you have to lower the cot in a few months down the road.

A car seat:

That very first thing your baby needs when you bring home your cuddly bundle of joy. Please don’t compromise on safety. Holding a fragile infant in hand in a moving vehicle is a huge no no. Because even if your hub is a careful driver, other road users might not be as cautious as him.

Baby pram:

If you don’t drive, get a pram that is sturdy enough for all terrains (just in case you decided to go wild on holiday ideas) and also ideally one that can function as a car seat (so you can take a taxi). It’s also advisable to look for one that can store your barang barang. You won’t be able to imagine how many things you need for someone so tiny.

If you do drive and already have a car seat then go for a lightweight pram that can fit nicely in the boot. Because you will need all the boot space you need to store whatever barang barang too. We once had to change our little one in the boot out of desperation.

Diaper changing station:

Imho, this is a lifesaver! There’s no way you will wanna change a poopy diaper on your bed. Not when your infant introduces you to the legendary poonami and never when you have a wriggly toddler-wannabe who flips like prata with poop covered ass just to see your reaction. Don’t know about you but I’m allergic to the thought of pee spraying all over my bed too. So yes, everyone needs a diaper changing station. Plus you get to store your diapering needs there too. Cuz once you have your kid in hand, you realize you stock up on wet wipes and diapers on repeat because they run out soooooo fast.

Breast pump set:

I am pro-keeping-my-babies-alive. I believe that fed is best. So best effort at feeding the little ones okie. But if you wish to try out breastfeeding, do check out the bundles available during the preorder sale. You will definitely need most of the items in their bundle. Though other online platforms might have cheaper alternatives, do note that some of the cheaper sets are not covered by local warranty. It will be a nightmare if the pump stops functioning. And a much bigger problem if you use a parallel import set and it explodes while charging.

UV sterilizer:

A game changer. You no longer need to deal with wet bottles. Imagine you wanna scoop out milk powder for later use into a wet bottle that’s just out from the traditional steam sterilizer. You will end up with one messy lump that wouldn’t dissolve properly. Plus steam sterilizer has limited space. Invest in a UV one and there’s no looking back. It can accommodate 5 bottles (inclusive of teats and caps) and the flanges on the top rack and another 6-7 bottles in the lower rack. Though they said no need to sterilize beyond the 1st year, I just continue since I’m already using it for Lè meimei’s bottles. You just need to replace the UV bulbs yearly to ensure it sterilizes properly.

All things considered, you probably do not require all the things you see in the adverts. Depending on how deep your wallet is, consider your needs (if it’s hard to imagine and extrapolate your needs, then wait till the next preorder, don’t rush!) as well as the size of your humble abode, shop wisely for you do not want to end up with white elephants in your house. Trust me, having a kid or two in my case takes up sooo much space, so much time and so much money. While it’s cool to shop online, dealing with its aftermath (the credit card bills or the shell-shocked hubby) can be a terrible headache.

The First Post

What a cliché title but how else should I name this? Why a blog? Because I’m broke. I do a lot of online shopping when pumping in the motn. My carts are always full, the doorbell keeps ringing, the credit card bills are staggering and the hub has started to notice the piles of random stuff lurking around the house. It’s finally time for me to occupy my time more fruitfully. Afterall, a blog is free and writing these random ramblings keeps me awake.

First thing first. A little introduction is in order. I’m a mother of two. Yes! Still pretty amazed by this fact. It somehow just happened. My first kid is a 22 month old boy, EZ, and I have an almost 3 month old baby girl, LX.

22 months old (already displaying the Terrible Two symptoms) is a trying period for him and us. Coupled with the fact that he’s barely out of infanthood himself, he sometimes makes it hard for everyone to live with him. He loves his little sister but at times can’t stand the sight of her in my arms. Jealousy is obviously something he’s trying to cope with.

The 3 month old is really a sturdy little one. She has managed to withstand all of her brother’s attacks. At times, she can be seen practising her defensive moves by punching the air with her little fists. Everyone has arrived at a consensus that she will wallop Ez one day very soon. She’s now at that insufferable stage (the fourth month sleep regression)! Omg! Sleeping is such a pain for her and for us. However, when you feel like spanking her, she will flash you a little smile and frankly, there’s little we could do but to smile back while thinking she’s such a cutie.

LèEzMum explained:

The origin of the name came about while I was pondering on whether I should start a blog to record the nitty gritty stuff of motherhood. Sometimes there are just so many anecdotes that I’m dying to share with someone but because I’m a mummy and my brains are shrinking at double speed, I forget about them by the time the hub gets home. So now with this blog, the hub can read about my amazing and incredibly exhausting motherhood journey, lest he thinks I stay home to shake legs every single day.

Lè (乐), the first character of my daughter’s name means happiness. Ez, the initials of my son’s name, proves to be a great nickname for him as he’s always been a relatively easy baby. So here’s the start of a blog to document my beautiful motherhood journey.

Like finally! I’m such a procrastinator! One day, preferably while preparing for their wedding, I will look back fondly for some abstracts to include in their childhood montage. Haha! Already rubbing my hands in glee with soooo much anticipation.