Onederful Lè meimei

Presenting the birthday girl…

May your Onederful journey be an awesome and enriching one.

Thank you everyone for taking time off work on a weekday night just to accommodate to our dinner timing. Lè meimei’s birthday celebration is a success because of all of you.


And to all the mummies who are still contemplating a second child, it’s really really possible to love them as much as when you only had one. A mother’s love is boundless. Anyway, sleep is overrated. Only the weak (the hubs) need them.

PS: This unicorn cake may look decent but frankly speaking, it ain’t worth its price tag. The chocolate sponge cake indeed taste like bland old sponge. Dora Keiki 👎

Lots of love,

Your mummy, Daddy and favourite kor kor

Review: Fanpekka

I’m sure everyone had been to AEON Mall Tebrau City except for the mountain turtles us. Seriously. 🤷🏻‍♀️ The mall is huge! So many shops (lotsa big names) and many yummy food. Situated about 20 minutes by Grab from Suasana Suites, it can be a tad too far when we have 2 cranky and overstimulated kids (the return journey was so tortuous).

Fanpekka is a Finnish theme indoors playground. Personally, I love the concepts @ work in this theme park and thus rate it above the Angry Bird Park. It has a good size play area and even though it was relatively crowded, the crowd was well spread. We were also lucky to meet a bunch of super nice and accommodating kids who didn’t mind sharing some of the stuff with Ez and Lè meimei.

This must be Ez and Lè meimei’s favourite section. In this area, the kids can assemble their own house. So depending on how ambitious your children are, you can have like a studio apartment or 2-3 room flat.

Ez and Lè meimei ain’t much of a builder so they could only take over the houses vacated by others. There’s plenty of miniature furniture for the kids to shift around from houses to houses and this kept them very busy. Ez didn’t want to ask people for stuff he wanted so he would just stand at one corner and out-wait the other kids. Though this area looks very simple, kids get to be creative in creating their own space, negotiate with others to get what they need, some barter trading did take place and certainly inculcate patience as exemplified by Ez. Lè meimei? She’s just happy that she could do her cooking/licking beside her favourite kor kor. Oh yeah, don’t leave your house unattended kie. The park attendants are very on-the-ball. They will take your house apart and remove all the furniture if it’s vacant for more than 15 minutes.

Another favourite of mine (not the kids though) were the various ‘trucks’ around the entrance of the theme park. I spied a post office, pizzeria, cake shop, florist, fire station, grocer and a restaurant. One could pop in and out to try out the different trades. There’s even outfits for the little ones to put on as they role play. Ez and Lè meimei loved the cash till very much and went around to collect money. Each truck has a mail box so if you are role-playing the postman, you can go around to deliver mail to the other vendors.

It seemed as if we had the entire place to ourselves but it’s just cuz there’s something for every one so no one had to fight for a turn.

Then we went up the castle. This ain’t as much fun for Ez and Lè meimei but we still spent a bit of time here. The moment you get to the second floor of the castle, you will see this wall of gear parts. Ez ain’t too interested in these but his sister liked them.

There’s another area with giant foam blocks. This is similar to the ones in the Angry Bird Park but no one was playing with these. We had the entire space to ourselves. Here’s the kids balancing on their make shift stage. They ain’t scared of bouncing on the stack of blocks but their mother was. This section wasn’t as exciting for us because Ez was scared of the slides. Both slides looked intimidating for them so we went back down by the stairs.

There’s a wardrobe with assorted outfits for the kids to don on to transform themselves into royalties. Ez and Lè meimei preferred to be shopkeepers so zero interest here. There’s also a room with this huge white table for events/parties.

The next area was a huge ass ball pit. Unlike their mother, the kids did not like ball pits. Ez refused to venture through the balls to get to the boat. Lè meimei entertained herself for a short while before evacuating the pit too.

I loved how this area looked. White and blue balls basking in purplish blue light.


Ez loved one of these bikes. There’s a few of them around. You have got to have keen eyes to spot the abandoned ones and be quick enough to get to it before the others do. Here’s Ez moonlighting as a delivery guy to deliver burgers. His burgers only dropped a few times. Not bad lah.

The final area in the theme park comprised of a few ‘little houses’. One of them had a small shelf of books. Another housed 2 train tracks (missing trains though) while another had a table with assorted magnetic shapes meant for constructing different pattern. No photos for this area as I was hungry and the 2 kids cranky. They didn’t want to leave even though they were clearly hungry and tired.

All in all, this place is good for at least 3 hours of play. So do factor in enough time so the kids don’t feel pressurized to rush through each section. Ez and Lè meimei are still too young to appreciate some of the features in the theme park but there’s lots of potentials in there for them to learn through play and social interactions with other children.

Fanpekka is located on level 2 of the mall. Right opposite the Japanese Food Hall. Admission ticket of RM62 is for 1 adult and 1 child and an every additional adult ticket is RM10. Kids under 2 years old gets in free. Do bring along your child’s passport. They wanted to look at Lè meimei’s one even though she obviously doesn’t look like a 2 year old. And oh yeah, they are giving away a Fanpekka umbrella with purchase of a child’s ticket from 23rd – 31st March 2019.

Review: Suasana Suites JB

We went across the causeway again for our staycay! This time to Suasana Suites which is just opposite Komtar JBCC. This translates to it being literally across the JB checkpoint. Granted that you have to cut through a few buildings and navigate through the crowd but seriously, it’s all worth it!

Once you cross the busy road (with the use of the traffic lights I hope) outside Komtar, you will see this water feature in front of the Amari. Do note that for some reason beyond me, motorbikes do not adhere to the traffic rules. So watch out for them even though the light is in your favour. Walk into this building which has a Korean BBQ restaurant on your right. Go up the escalator and out the glass door between 7-11 and Toastbox. Suasana Suites will be on your right. The reception area is super tiny but they do have a baggage storage room behind the counter for when you wanna jalan jalan abit more after checkout.

We got the One Bedroom King Suite on the 29th floor. It comes with a huge living room, a dining table for 4, a small but functional kitchenette, a walk in wardrobe space where I can pump comfortably and a balcony (totally didn’t open those doors cuz it’s a potential hazard). There’s a kettle (looks very new and clean), a microwave, iron and hairdryer. Do note that this hotel doesn’t have a bathtub across all room types.

There was a construction site just below our room and Ez spent his mornings just chilling by the bedroom window to deliver blow by blow live commentary of what his beloved construction vehicles were doing. Because we were so high up and also cuz of the soundproofing, we were unaffected by it.

Ez loves this room! Firstly because he could watch TV! He said he liked it better than our house cuz the TV is not spoilt!!!! Another reason was that there are 2 point of entry to the toilet. You can get through via the adjoining bedroom door or through the one in the living room. He thinks it’s uber cool. So I had to remember to lock both doors to do my business in peace. Do be careful of wet floor in the toilet because it can get slippery. Gosh, sounds like I’m writing RAMs.

The above facilities can be found on level 33a. This hotel totally omitted the number 4 and replaced them with ‘a’. So there’s level 3a, 23a, etc. There’s pay-as-you-use washer and dryer. A reasonably equipped gym and a decent restaurant. The playground though small, is suitable for our little ones. Do note that they don’t provide pool towels but expect you to be dry before you get into the lift. So bring your own. Before I forget, the Toastbox which you walked past previously offers a 10% discount to tenants so just let them know your room number. They are open from 7am till 3am! So in my opinion, if you are early risers like us, there’s no need to top up for breakfast. Just head downstairs to Toastbox.

We absolutely adore our room at Suasana Suites for it’s perfect for young children. Lots of space for them to roam around. We brought a small pack of LEGO for Ez and a cooking set for Lè meimei. So they were pretty much entertained when in the room. Also much thought had been put into the furniture. The sofa can accommodate all 4 of us with room to spare, the coffee table had rounded corners and even the dining chairs worked out for Lè meimei. Suffice to say, we are coming back to this gem! Hope you will enjoy the room as much as we did!

The dōTERRA Journey

I hate seeing the kids get sick. Sick of them always getting sick after barely recovering. And because they are especially clingy to me when they are sick, I tend to fall ill too. It’s really easy to catch their bugs cuz they love to wipe their little noses on my clothes and to cough in my face. In our house, cough, running nose and even fever happen at least once a month. This unfortunate state of perpetually being in ill health is taking a toll on my work too. I mean people are probably (or already) rolling their eyes each time they know I have to be on MC or CCL because *drum roll* someone is sick. AGAIN.

Last week, I finally decided to take the plunge and purchased my first set of essential oil. The essential collection kit retails at $260. And you get 10 different kind of essential oil at 5ml each. Though tiny, these bottles represent all my hopes for a healthier household.

Like most MLM companies, dōTERRA works on a reward structure where the more you buy, the better your rewards will be. Recruit members and your members buy more and you will be rewarded too. Some companies even offer incentive trips overseas as part of their learning journeys for the top tier members.

Just in case you are wondering if I’m writing this post to recruit members, nope. I’m not even though I had to enrol myself to purchase the set. I really have too much on my plate and time away from work belongs to my loved ones. You can however ask me for the contact of my friend, Betty, to make enquiries. Yupz. She’s the one who blended the EOs and sent them over for my kids when she learnt that both of them were sick.

This time round, I went MIA after telling her that I needed the set. And she just went ahead to help me order, collect and deliver the set without knowing if I will eventually pay her. Goodness. She is that nice. Please don’t take advantage of her though.

Finally, a word of advice. Buy in moderation and within your means. There’s really no need to stock up every single oil. Get only the ones you need. And don’t expect EOs to perform miracles. If your child is very sick, get him/her to a doctor ASAP.

Review: The Real Bubee pump

For something so tiny (slightly bigger than my palm), it’s really easy to neglect its place in my life. Until that fateful day, when either Lè meimei or Ez broke the Y shape connector of my pump, did I realize that I had taken this awesome pump for granted. I never did manage to investigate who the culprit was because both of them ain’t talking (Ez just kept going “Why Mummy why, LX do something?” While Lè meimei just continued to smile her way to my heart).

I decided to review this underrated and very affordable pump after my week long ordeal with no pump at work.


  • Super affordable @ only $15.10 from shopee.
  • Highly portable cuz it’s lightweight and yet the strength of suction ain’t compromised.
  • Single / double pump simply by switching the connector.
  • Comes with simulation mode and expression mode. You can adjust the intensity of the pump too.
  • Consumes very little power. (1 fully charged Xiao Mi power bank last at least 2 weeks)
  • A full set comprises of 2 flanges, 2 bottles, 2 tubes and 2 sets of 2 types of connector (y shape for double pump n the other for single pump)


  • No internal battery. Need to be connected to a power bank / power point.
  • Doesn’t have a screen for you to read off the details of current pump. (Can counter with using the hp to monitor how long you had been pumping)
  • No built in light so you can’t use it as a light stand when pumping at night. (Just use your hp)
  • Only 1 flange size. (Works perfectly with Spectra flanges and also Spectra Handsfree) – It will work with Medela / Maymom flanges too
  • Connectors can be fragile if you have 2 kids fighting over it.

All in all, considering that this pump works like that of a hospital grade one and yet at only a fraction of its price, the Real Bubee is certainly a keeper. My first set is still working well after I switch to the extra Y connector provided in the new set. That’s like at least 2 years of usage.

You can check out this Shopee seller. Ships from China on Monday and I received it on Thursday. Very speedy indeed. But with a pump out of action, every day is a day too long.

Try it out.