Survivors of Day 1 of school

I was an emotional wreck this morning. Didn’t dare to talk to people in fear that I would start crying. Sigh. Too old to cry on the first day of school. Then my eyes were wet when I read a super sweet msg from Grace. Thank you, from the bottom of my heart.

The kids didn’t do as well today. Lè meimei’s fever fluctuated like stock market. She puked out her lunch and dinner after much effort in feeding her. I was so busy today that I only managed to call my parents to check on her in the afternoon. I’m such an awesome mother. I know.

Ez was suffering from mummy-withdrawal. My mum told me that he was dragging his feet to school and almost literally inched his way to his school. My dad had to carry him in the end. Ez cried so hard. According to my mum, his teacher left him crying after she brought him into the classroom. I tell you, my heart shattered okay. I loved his teachers from the Toddlers’ class but not much love for this new batch of teachers. I think Ez knows too. He’s definitely having a hard time adjusting to them.

The hub got sick too. Very potent bugs we have at home. He came home with a fever and started coughing his lungs out. Together with Lè meimei and Ez, they can form a coughing orchestra. Guess I’m the last one standing oredi.

We are now finally in bed after completing the housework. Dirty dishes, laundry, pump parts and bottles to wash, Lè meimei’s meals preparation and then the packing for tomorrow. I only had 30 minutes of break the entire school day which I used to pump. Things will be better because the hub prepared sandwiches for me after I told him how hungry I was today. I was as happy as my students when the final bell rang because it meant that I could finally eat (after the meeting of course). At this rate, I can lose a lot more weight.

As we settle into our new routine, things should get better. Maybe then, I will be able to reply work related messages more efficiently. It’s really hard to use the phone to reply messages when the kids are rolling all over me just because I neglected them for the entire day. Ez is getting more imaginative. Together with Lè meimei, they sat on my tummy and pretended to be riding a bike to Grandma’s house. He even helped Lè meimei to “put on” helmet. Here’s my only photo of them today.

Only 2 more sleeps to the weekends!

The first day of work

After more than a 9 months hiatus, the day I had been dreading is finally here. Today, I drag myself to work, just slightly more alive than the walking dead. I finally put my head on the pillow after midnight and woke up at 2.30am to comfort a crying Ez and at 4am to tend to a feverish and coughing Lè meimei who only fell asleep 10 minutes before I have to get ready for school. Sleep is for the weak.

The kids are up and crying just before I left the house. It’s only the start of a long day. Breathe, just breathe. And don’t ask me about how I’m feeling to be back at work. I might just burst into tears. Life sucks. But it still goes on. To a better future.