Staycation @ Crowne Plaza Changi Airport

For Father’s Day, I secretly booked a staycation for the hub at Crowne Plaza. It remained a closely guarded secret (had no one to tell since both kids can’t understand anyway) till the day before the staycation. The only reason I informed the hub rather than just packed everything and said, “Let’s go!” on Saturday itself was because (drum rolls)……. I couldn’t find meimei’s float and needed his help to locate it.

Getting two kids out of the house for a night is sheer hard work and I’m not sure I will be brave enough for another attempt any time soon. Judging from the amount of stuff I had to pack and then unpack, the amount of effort put in to get to a night stay in Singapore is totally not worth it. Might as well book a 3D2N stay instead but with the amount I must pay, an overseas trip will be more worthwhile. What a dilemma!

I reserved a King Premier Runway View room which was a great hit for Ez. We could see the airplanes landing, the sky train coming and going as well as a construction site! Planes, trains and an excavator! All his current craze! By booking through the IHG app, I earned 3833 points!

The boy and his obsessions

What we like about our stay:

Lots of space for our stuff: There’s so much space that we could just leave everything (we are over packers) lying around and still had space for us to sit and Ez to climb up and around.

Sunken bathtub: The bathtub is huge. Big enough to accommodate both Ez and LX who was floating around in the water. We spent a lot of time in the tub because the pool was so freaking cold. We gave up and went back to the room after like 15minutes.

My babies chilling in the tub

Lè meimei having a lot of fun “swimming”!

The water in the pool was way too cold for her so she tried to catch some rays.

Exhibiting water confidence (like 10sec) in the frigid water
Spacious king size bed: We ain’t ambitious enough to squeeze everyone in bed. Actually requested for a baby cot, the guy at the check-in counter assured us that it’s already in the room but nope, it wasn’t there but we couldn’t be bothered to ask since there’s a couch that Lè meimei could use. Don’t attempt this unless your little one is still unable to flip!

Said couch that turned into Lè meimei’s bed

Lè meimei practising her kungfu moves while her brother naps
What we didn’t like:

The buffet spread: Limited variety. There are however two live stations. One for laksa and another for eggs. There’s also a few juices to choose from. But the porridge and salad selection were quite pathetic.

The pool: Why soooo cold?! No baby pool. Enough said. We love your bathtub though!

The invisible baby cot: Don’t tell me that the cot is already in the room when it is not! Unless it’s so high tech that it’s invisible. Oh well, we didn’t really need it anyway.

No complimentary parking: Please refrain from driving to said staycation unless you are willing to fork out $57.60 per day.

All in all, we had a great time on our first staycation as a family of four. The Crowne Plaza is a great choice for families with young kids who are fascinated by trains and planes. Its close proximity to lots of F&B outlets in the airport terminals is also a huge draw as you do not need to worry about lunch and dinner! We will certainly be back, hopefully in the not-too-far future, as long as the hub joins in the packing of luggage pre-staycation segment.

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