Mango Sago Recipe

It’s day 13 of Circuit Breaker, Singapore’s version of Not a Lockdown lockdown. We woke up to the news of the islandwide closure of Macdonald. The hub is bummed because his Mac delivery was canceled due to overwhelming demands.

To cheer him up, I decided that today is the day we try to make our own version of Mango Sago.

I got mangoes from Shengshiong, $0.99 each. The sign proclaimed that they were rainbow mangoes. Such a wonderful name so I’m sold immediately. Rainbow to chase away the gloom of No Macdonald till May the fourth.

I don’t know how to choose sweet mangoes, I went by colour. Yeah I’m superficial like that. I only took mangoes that had a rosy complexion and luckily, all of them were sweet.

Here’s what you need to yield around 1litre of mango purée.


  • 4 mangoes
  • 3/4 cup of sago
  • Half a can of evaporated milk
  • 100ml Coconut cream


  • Cut the mangoes into half so that each half is like a cup and no juice is wasted as you scrap out the flesh.

Rosy cheeked mango

  • Keep a little of each mango so you can cut it into small cubes for garnishing.

Sorry orange mango in orange bowl abit of an overkill

  • Cook the sago and rinse them in cold water when it’s done. A little white dot is perfectly fine as they will even out when hanging out in the bowl.
  • Blend the mango with evaporated milk

So yummy I can eat an entire bowl on its own
  • Layer the sago at the bottom, then the blended purée, coconut cream and finally garnish with excess sago and mango cubes.

It’s not perfect but it’s done by Ez

  • Finally just close both eyes and let the kids create their masterpiece aka make a glorious mess.

#stayhome #staysafe #cookon #huilaushan #mangosago #homemadedessert #nosugaradded

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